The majestic Norwegian Forest cat will be the perfect companion for you

When we think of cats, we usually picture a small, curled-up thing that purrs and sleeps. This is not the case of the big Norwegian Forest cat, one of the most loved breeds among Berlin escorts and feline lovers everywhere in the world. If you are thinking that the Norwegian Forest cat could be the perfect companion for you, here’s all you need to know.


Everything you need to know about your next animal companion, the Norwegian Forest cat

As the name suggests, this breed comes from Norway: as you can tell your escort from EROS, it is known in Norwegian as “skogkatt”, which means forest cat. It was probably brought here from England by the Vikings and it adapted to the cold weather of Scandinavia, developing its characteristic features. It became very popular during World War II, when it was on the brink of extinction and it was saved by the Norwegian Forest Cat Club of Oslo.

Norwegian Forest cats are known for their sturdy figure: they have long bodies and legs, with a thick waterproof coat with soft hair underneath, an over-all excellent muscular tone and great claws to climb rocks and trees. Its massive presence will impress your Berlin escorts for sure: when fully grown, males tend to weight 6-7 kg, while females reach up to 4 kg.

This breed may be confused for their appearance with others, like the big Maine Coon, but its muzzle is pretty unique: with big almond-shaped eyes of different shades and the straight profile, big ears and thick whiskers, its appearance is really elegant, and will charm your guests and escort.

Their coat has developed to withstand very cold temperatures and it varies deeply from season to season: in summer it’s light and short, while in winter it grows and thickens. Even though it’s long-haired, it does not require excessive care and a weekly combing will be enough to avoid finding hair everywhere when you invite your Berlin escorts over at your place.


From one of the biggest and strongest breeds, it will be your perfect pet

Even if they may appear like fierce creatures to your escort, Norwegian Forest cats are very friendly and intelligent, and get used to new people easily, but they will require much more attention and nutrition than regular kittens. They can easily adapt to in-door life, but their nature will demand a lot of exercise and recreation if they are not given the chance to go outside.

The average lifespan of Norwegian Forest cats is between 14 to 16 years, so if you decide to choose it as your pet, you should keep in mind that it will be your companion for long time and will always need adequate care. If you think you can handle a big kitty and be able to spend time to groom it and cuddle it, it will become part of your family and will keep good company to you and your escort like those from